The Attwood furnace quit working on my first winter trip to AZ (left Denver Dec. 6). It ran ok the first few nights, then quit. My first calls to Lance and the dealer (Kettlesen Denver) got me zero help other than haul it to a dealer. Lance told me that it was not their problem, call Attwood, and I wish I would have! I spent 2 months in AZ (nights in the 30s) with a working furnace less than half the time. The local Attwood service shop tried 3 different fixes that only worked for a few days then it quit again.

I cut trip short and hauled it back to dealer in Denver. I told service rep (James) the unit would run a few days and quit. After a week he called me to say it ran overnight so must be fixed (they did nothing). I called Lance again, they agreed to put a new circuit board in. James had not returned my call to get status (they now have had the trailer a month), I am PO'd so raise heck, he now tells me he knows what's wrong! Attwood has a design flaw in outer panel and it needs to be replaced. He shows me Lance trailers on the showroom floor for sale with the faulty panels!

I believe that Attwood and most likely Lance (I've seen both style panels on new Lances) knew about the problem the whole time I was fighting with mine.

I took the trailer on another winter trip and the furnace operated as it should.

I now have another small problem with the keyless entry lock, but am dealing directly with the manufacturer myself, too much hassle dealing with Lance and Kettlesen.

I bought a new unit thinking a used trailer would be a headache and no issues at all with a new one. After initial turndown by Lance, they did help in the end.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lance Camper Rv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Westminster, Colorado

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Typical Kettlesen...we did our research on the trailer, but not the Dealer, our bad. This is not a Lance review, but a Kettlesen review.

We would not give them the pleasure of our appearance nor or money again. We love our 2295, but the Dealer was less than professional. I'll put in outline form as that is easier to read and write. 1) Salesman excused himself and left the trailer as we were getting ready to make the deal.

2) After 1/2 hour we asked where he was. Answer: He was with a another customer taking a ride in a motorhome. 3) Wife mad, ready to bag the deal, I tell sales manager Wife doesn't want to deal with salesman. Offers us one 12 volt battery to save deal.

4) Sales manager comes and sits with us in the trailer, original salesman shows back up, she leaves, never to return. 5) Salesman and I politely disagree about 2295 black tank capacity. we had done our homework, he hadn't. 6) Make the deal, give them the deposit check drawn on credit union account ($4K) and get appointment to pick trailer up next weekend.

7) A week later we go through the trailer with trailer tech, he doesn't know what's behind the big outside door, hmmm, it's the 2295's outside kitchen. Maybe he should have done his homework before giving us our orientation? They hook trailer up to our truck. We ask for the missing chain for the pin that keeps the TV mount in place.

They will order from Lance for us. One year later...no pin. I find an exact replacement in a coffee can of fasteners in the garage. 8) Orientation complete, go finish paperwork and give them check drawn on credit union account for balance.

Check too large, they want cashier's check, refused to call credit union to verify balance. They disconnected trailer, we went the 50 miles home. 9) Brought them another check, had to listen to more sales pitch about time share campground and other uninteresting dribble. This is our 3rd RV, (they knew that) we didn't need all their newbie owner dialog.

9) Went to get trailer, we were told where it was on the lot, not shown or escorted, and no help hooking up this time. 10) I have done various skilled level repairs to our previous RV's, so thankfully I will never have to set foot on Kettlemen's lot again. If you do not possess these skills, I strongly advise you to purchase elsewhere. 11) They were great to talk to at the RV shows we went to 3 years straight, but on their home turf they suck.

If we wouldn't have been so stuck on the Lance 2295, we would have just told them to "stick it" the first time the salesman abandoned us. Hindsight is 20/20.


I was very interested in a new Lance Travel Trailer until I read reviews. now would not consider buying one at any price.

Wether it is a problem with the dealer or manufacturer is not my problem! The product is flawed!


Typical Kettlesen. We love our Lance but we wouldn't give them the pleasure of seeing us again, let alone spend any money there.

We bought a 2295 a year ago, no trouble with the trailer however the Dealer sucks. Something wasn't right from the start, the salesperson politely argued with me about black tank capacity stating it was about half of what my research told me. Hmm, what else don't you know? Sitting in the trailer, ready to make a deal, the salesperson excused himself for a few minutes.

One half hour later my Wife and I are asking the other salespeople where did he go? Oh, he is with another customer, helping them with their motorhome. WHAT?? Wife wants to leave and bag the deal ($40K) so I go to the sales manager and inform them we want another salesperson.

The sales manager comes back to the trailer trying to smooth us out, and the original salesperson comes back, trying now to close the deal. If we hadn't done our homework and weren't so set on the 2295, we would have told him to "stick it". We asked for a few minor cosmetic items to be fixed, wrote a deposit check and closed the deal. They gave us an appointment a week later to pick up our trailer.

We inspected it with a nice young man, although a little inexperienced with our model, he didn't know behind the large outside door was the outside kitchen. We thought if he is going to familiarize us with the 2295, he should be more knowledgeable than us about it. The staff helped us hook it up to the truck and we went in to provide final payment and finish the paperwork. They were very happy a week ago to take our check for the deposit, but would not take our credit union check for the balance...too large they said.

I asked them why they didn't tell us last week, answer: we thought you knew that. They wasted no time in disconnecting the trailer, and we were on our way home (50 miles)...very angry.

Another appointment during the week, which I had to take time off for, allowed me to drop off the check and pick up our trailer. This time no friendly staff to help me hook up, but only told me it's location on the lot.


We too have had a problem with our furnace not working! we are in 25 degrees afraid the pipes will freeze bought this trailer for its 4 season use now what! No Lance dealers near us in Maine.

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