Brand new, been out once .

Screen door falling apart

Tankless water heater doesn't work.

Latch on cargo container fell off.

Warped cabinet door

Vent cover missing

Holes in couch

Pantry door tearing into door header

Crack or cut in front laminate

Screws holding floor to under underbelly fell off

Screws holding entry trim piece to floor stripped out

Exposed lumber on front of unit, future wood rot.

We payed extra for great quality and got a turd instead. Don't buy a Lance. Cheap trailers.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2019 Lance Camper 1475S Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Wow! I was going to the Lance dealership to look at 2 different Lance trailers. So many poor reviews are making me reconsider my original plan


My 2019 Lance 1475 is the biggest POS trailer I have ever owned. Lance 1475 Issues Truma water pressure release valve leaks under refridge Floor is soft and delaminating Valence anchors pulled out of wall Front window anchors pulled out of wall Front “netted shelve” anchors pulled out of wall Stove top screws stripped, top loose.

Microwave right side bracket is broke from over tightening, vibrates out of cabinet. Side window screws stripped and vibrated out. Cheap screw hole caps, fall out and don’t make for a flat surface Safety chains too short Black tank gauge still shows full after first tank dump using it only for #1s and no paper. Shower luke warm, rest hot.

Open screens to close/open window letting in mosquitoes. Gray paint around front left window is peeled up Front window cover has already worn off grey & black paint just from trip home from dealer. Bathroom door hinge plastic grommet is broken/missing Cable box lock almost fell out on trip home from dealer, doesn’t stay in housing. Black tank rod too long and sticks out from under camper.

Fresh tank drain under camper behind frame, need to crawl under. Entry door has shock on it so you can’t open it wide and secure it to camper, so it rocks/squeaks in the wind. Awning now not as wide as earlier models, like we ordered. Screen door on leveled trailer hits door frame at the top.

Lower hinge screws have been stripped from factory so bottom hinge not tight. Screen door sliding latch falling apart. Put on popular screen door bar, can’t open pantry door all the way. Cheap plastic shower hooks don’t slide, manually move them, curtain falls off hooks.

4 clocks? Why have non lighted analog clock. Lights everywhere.

Idea is to conserve battery. Make manufacturers have eco/dark displays.


Same here, there are way too many complaints about the 1475 all over the net, and the company doesn't seem to care. I'll be looking at other rv's instead


Thanks for this post. I was about to purchase a 1475. Looking at other options!


I was under the impression that Lance does not use wood in the frame of their trailers (Fiberglass/azdel/aluminum frame rails with huck bolts is the spec they show).

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