After year-long research, bought brand new 2018 Lance 2285 in June, 2018. By August, 2018, noticed delamination on front cap above front window.

Contacted Lance customer service in September and arrangements were made, finally on November 12, 2018, to drop off our unit at local dealer for pickup and transfer to California for warranty repair of the roof delamination. It took over a month for Lance to supposedly line up a transfer!

Checked via email with the representative on the progress of our repair on December 17. No response. Emailed him again on December 26.

He finally responded that the transfer never happened and our unit was still at the local dealership! Went to the dealership and found that our unit had been moved around their lot at least twice and our unit was unlocked. We had left it locked.

Now the dealership cannot locate our keys!

Lance's representative is apparently still trying to get our unit transferred back to California for warranty repair! We should not be having these issues with an RV we'd only had for two months!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lance Camper Rv.

Location: Livingston, Montana

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That is one of the most ridiculous and aggravating RV-industry experiences I have read. Unbelievable, especially given the prices paid.


We are trying to decide if we want a lance vs grand design.v neither one has good reviews


"Grand Design" is an oxymoron. They lie like crazy even before you buy, like in their brochures about their insulation.

Lance at least makes more reasonable representations. If the industry didn't have special legal protections, the FTC would have taken out GD long ago.

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