2017 Lance 1475 trailer leaked around the Fantastic fan during the first heavy rain. When I checked the roof I discovered that the entire roof is recessed lower than the sidewalls and the entire roof was covered to a depth of 3/8".

Lance says to store unit off level to drain water but that won't help when using the trailer. Any designer should know that water can't go up hill so it has to sit there looking for a place to run inside the trailer.

Lance is going to look at my photos of the problem and get back to me but I see others have the same issue. I would carefully check the roof before buying a Lance 1475.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Lance Camper 1475 Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Lance has a poor track record of defects and factory issues.


Thank you so much for sharing with us your experience with Lance ! The worst thing is when Lance or it’s dealers ignors their customers and drops them.

As soon as they get your money, they don’t pay attention to your problems. Customer Service is horrable !

I thought to buy a new Lance travel trailer this year. Again thank you so much for helping me to make the right decision.


Does anyone have information on the Lance 1475 water leakage from the roof? Anyone know if the problem was resolved with the models after 2017???


I doubt it was resolved!!! They just replaced the whole roof for water leakage and water pooling on the whole roof panel of my new 1475!!!

After they advised me it was normal!!!

Ha yeah right!! I was just born too


I'm getting ready for our "young enough to enjoy it" cross country retirement - just had knee replacement. During recovery I've spent months researching trailers.

Got it down to three rigs - the new Little Guy Max, a late-model Airstream or Lance. Really fell in love with Lance, particularly the 1475, which is a bit too small, but I desperately wanted a unit without a maintenance nightmare slide. I phoned Lance, and they won't do any special order without a slide.

This website has been a major source of information for me, since RV reviews are hard to come by.

You guys have that satisfaction, at least, because seeing these reviews, I have to give Lance the go-by, and it hurts. Why, with the much-higher prices they're charging, are they not fixing this defect? Why are they allowing these problems to hurt their reputation? They give the Midwest a cold shoulder anyway, and the few dealers have a very hard time getting rigs.

They wait for months, typically. How does that speak for warranty work, or any work?

One of my favorite Lance floor plans, the 2185 I think, is being touted at the Cincinnati dealer with a price tag of $46,000.

On sale. If you're going to price your rigs nearly in the Airstream ball park, you'd better work on the sort of structural integrity Airstream clearly has, for an RV.


Thank you for this review. I've been torn between the 2018 Lance 1475S (Slide pull out couch verses two chairs.) and one of two different half the price Forest River campers of similar style and lay out.

I appreciate this feedback.

Your review and similar complaints makes me back away from over priced trailer with big and possible dangerous issues. I'm taking it to heart.


I have the 2017. 1475 and the fantastic fan leaked during the first rain.

I removed the trim and found the electrical wiring harness was carelessly installed. Forced between frame and roof panel. This caused the pressure to be unequal. Out of square.

Also noticed there was no extra support in the cut out. I will be removing the vent, adding support, and installing a Max fan 7000. Also the roof should be sealed stopping any water intrusion. I already re covered the factory sagging type sealant.

Poor job from the factory. I'm not thrilled with the low quality, low price labor used at Lance.

However they still have a better product then most. I can't afford a prevo and I'm sure they have problems also !!!


hope lance makes good, many many of us that are about to purchase are paying attention to these sites, comments, and reviews, this one does not sound good. If you can it would be great if you could post the resolution from Lance


Same. I was considering shelling out the big bucks for a Lance hoping for better quality, but after reading these reviews, it seems that all campers have problems. Therefore, I might as well not stretch the budget for a small camper.


Agree. Was on here researching Lance, thinking you get what you pay for.

Really liked the 1575, but there's no sense in spending more and not getting more. Too bad about the poor build quality...

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