We bought a very gently used 2015 Lance 825 in late August 2016 from the dealer in Poncha Springs, CO. We were thrilled to learn about a hard sided cab over camper that would be compatible with our Ford F150.

The 150 is my every day vehicle and I don't want to drive a bigger truck. Despite switching out to 10 ply tires and adding air bags, this camper does exceed this truck's payload capacity, and feels like it will break. Lance advertised this as a good match, but I would not recommend it. We paid top dollar for what we thought was a top of the line product.

Disappointing so far; We were packing for a trip in early March 2017 (7 months after purchase) when I noticed that the mattress and bedding were entirely soaked. The vent was closed. The mattress and down bedding were moldy and took a trip to the landfill. The dealership did not offer to replace the mattress, which ironically is one of the camper's main selling features.

So, $500 mattress down. Dealership blames us because caulk is a maintenance item! I would have expected the product to leave the lot worthy of its first winter! Other design flaws: -top left cabinet door latch fails continuously.

-when top left cabinet door is open it is a head banging hazard -rain gutters drain right into electronic door controls when the truck door is open -the CO detector is located in a location that is easily kicked by humans and dogs and it beeps annoyingly -the awning is located on the back, and closing is entirely dependent on a flimsy plastic part that was broken when we took delivery. We end up not using it because it is so challenging to close it, and the location of it on the back is not very helpful for shade. -we were excited about all the audio speakers, but they are poor quality and don't sound that great. -Lance calls this a four season camper.

This is a joke. It means they put a silver thermal blanket under the mattress, and the heater ducts into water tank areas, but you can't use plumbing in the winter anyway. I contacted Lance about these issues, and this is the reply I got: "We do appreciate you taking the time to send us your feedback and we will review some of your suggestions in our next product development meeting. It does pain us to hear that you are less than satisfied with your Lance camper however with it being a used unit our hands are tied as far as anything we can directly do.

We hope that you are able to address some of the issues you mentioned through the learning process of ownership and continuing to enjoy your camper beyond the 5 trips thus far." So what this feels like to me is both Lance and their dealership are blaming the problems on our inexperience and washing their hands of any responsibility. So much for making a purchase based on reputation.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2015 Lance Camper 825 Rv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lance Camper Pros: Comfort of the mattress until the roof leaked and ruined it.

Lance Camper Cons: Incompatibility with truck, Design flaws, Leaks.

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Why can't you use the plumbing in the Winter? Sounds like there may be some inexperience involved here. Like the other poster said, read the manual, fix a few things and enjoy.


I was really excited to learn about Lance Campers, the website and promotional materials suggest a much different product than actual client testimonials. Especially for the top dollar asking prices for the trailers.


Sounds like you did not read the manual. It says to check sealants every 6 months.

It also tells you how to use the plumbing in cold weather. So read the manual, fix a few parts and enjoy.

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