As other review says, i inspected roof on walk thru. Cracks in calking everywhere.

Lance paid for total recaulking by dealer. Front bedroom window defective.. on back order.. dealer said this is second time for window replacement.

Rear door misaligned.. gap 1/2in in upper corner. Lance had them *** door redrill hinge holes and move door.. still not right.

Led lights in main awning only half working. Replaced by lance. Grey water drain only a trickle.. pipe joint clogged with glue.

Take it on our first short trip.. 45 degrees out.. 4 season package. Cooked out of bedroom by furnace..

super cold in living area. Furnace duct work design flaw. Not fixable. Blocked 95%of vent openings in bathroom and bedroom.

Still cold in living area. Found park hookup compartment outside has huge gaps.. inside part of it is under sink.. cold air rushing in.

Long trip got up to 100deg. A/C could not keep up.. found big gap in front door. Dealer disassembled front door and straightened framework.

Did not work. Dealer requested new front door from lance,under warranty. Denied by lance. Bought in march of 2016.

Been in shop 4 times for total of 2 months.

Disgusted and depressed that we paid $12,000 more for the lance than competition. Do not be fooled by Lance's claim of superior construction, fancy collored led accent lighting and special features.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lance Camper Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Sammamish, Washington

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We own a 2015 **** Lance and let me assure you, everything can go wrong. Nothing but problems every time we go camping.

Lights on awning replaced twice, wire under sink wound around the outside shower hose so you couldn't pull it out, curved bedroom window lost its seal and had to be replaced, shade in bedroom window broke, leaking under bathroom sink, BIG leak under kitchen sink - water coming out on the outside bottom, pin hole in sunlight window, faucets in bathroom not sealed tightly to wall, awning doesn't recline in wind - and agreed a very backward design in that you have to close doors. Why wasn't the bedroom door made to open against the camper instead of open wide?

Last straw, leak in skylight got our couch very wet - waiting 3 weeks before we can get it in. This camper has been a nightmare!!!!!!!!


Ours is a 2019, mod 2285, it has been 5 trips, and 5 major issues. Just prepping this week for a 6 trip and found our front window shade is water stained.

Unusual for a camper kept inside and heated all winter.

Not if it's a Lance! What a pos!


Which model did you buy, and which front window was it, and what was the defect? Thanks


you are full of it everything possible cant be wrong


Is the product a trailer? If so, what model?

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