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Upon purchase and towing the trailer home, we noticed a "slight drag", at the curb cut with the street, as we pulled our brand new trailer into the gas station to fuel up our tow vehicle. Being excited about the new purchase we thought nothing about it.

Upon arrival at home, I backed the trailer into our relatively flat driveway. All of a sudden I heard a grinding noise. Before leaving the street I had seriously damaged the rear stabilizer jack bar, irreparably torquing it. Once I backed the trailer onto the driveway, measurements indicated that the bar is almost 2 inches lower than anything behind the rear wheels.

As this bar is close to, but lower than the frame drag guards, of course these are going to hit anything first. DESIGNED TO FAIL: we immediately called Lance and the sales company. "This was our problem... steep diveway or any of several excuses..." We worked with the sales and service company and had a lift kit placed above the axles, problem solved but at an additional cost to us!

10% discount on labor and materials, whoohoo!

Lance DENIED all responsibility for shoddy design and workmanship. BUYER BEWARE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lance Camper Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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We just bought a 2019 lance 1172. We took the plastic off the mattress and felt the carpet and it was wet.

The edge of the mattress was wet all the way to the top. The carpet was wet under the mattress but not by the window. It does not appear the windows leaked. Could there be condensation built up because of plastic covering the mattress.

We’re calling dealer in the am but wondered if anyone else has had this problem. Thanks.

@Terriona Phs

That is condensation. it will be there all the time even worse if you stay in the RV for over 3 weeks and it gets unlivable after a few month...

This happens more in the winter time.

Lance has not developed a way to take moister out of the campers yet unless you turn on your fan and let all your heat out. Even then you will have a build up then get mold on your mattress.

@Cassidy Acy

Same thing here . It was a leak around the vent over bed.

All my openings in the roof leaked first rain. I'd fix it myself or wait all summer for Lance.

@Terriona Phs

Well I understand that you are not happy about wet mattresses I would be to but you should consider that a close space and the fact that 80percent of the human body iade of water you are going to sweat and yes there should be a better air I have been looking for a way to address the problem and I am looking for it now


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I just had the same thing happen! so pissed.

bent into my black tank area.

no I have to replace the stabilizers and get the lift kit too. did you use their model or something different?


Thanks for this. I just ordered my 1985.

When I was looking at one on the lot, I noticed how close those rear stabilizers were to the ground.

I've been agonizing over whether or not to get the lift option. I think you just helped make up my mind.


lift kit won't do it, you have to get stablizers higher than the drag things in the rear

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