We have a 2015 l9 ft Lance camper and since day one we have had a leak in the back of the trailer, it started out dripping in the bathroom vent so they suggested a vent cover and installed it, next it was coming in around the back window, at first they said they couldn’t see where it was leaking but they reset the back window. Now the water just pours down the back wall when it rains, this will be the third time we have taken it in for repairs.

We noticed that water pools on the roof when it rains. Also the battery cables are hooked up backwards, red is negative and black is possative.

So when the new battery was hooked up it was not right and it blew a few fuses, thankfully my brother knew what had happened and fixed it. Other then that we like the trailer but would never buy another lance

Product or Service Mentioned: Lance Camper Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I've had nothing but problems door lock was striped dent on center window many wires not hooked up right not connected in the refridge mini blinds were all dented sliding door grinds was put on crooked not cocked in many places lots of screws striped or broken off corner controll panel now broken electic jack and remote never worked right battey in it won't hold change for long my fault yes thought I was buying a quality product was at aw with it 2017 8 months old and not working right poor job at factory now they won't even repair it there they agreed on a day at there convenience to do it now they told dealer to deal with me . Don't even care about what they are putting or how they treat customers, major company .

Mike Williams , sales rep took care of dent in center widow and mail me a rear door lock , now won't even call me back guess he's tired of me ,I would be again live in Reno no one will repair it on warranty Cause it's a new Lance! So I have to find a California dealer let them take pics then wait for Atwood which sold company to lcu Bob there sales rep said he would warranty it but can't do it till the dealer sends pics back for repair then come back run around !

Be we're should just pay the 250.00 for new one be done lance Quality is poor at the best on my camper. Lance 201* *** camper


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