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the electric heater element and thermostat?

by Melisha Ogm

I have a 2015 **** trailer that has broken, sun rotted, door open retainers and need the type of pop rivets sued to secure new retainers to the body side and the door. I have been told a Lance part MF-803 is used.

I can not fine a local Lance dealer who knows of this part. It was suggested that I should contact you. Also, my water heater does not work with 110 AC. Atwood water heater manual states that the heating element and thermostat should be checked for continuity.

I would like to know if the water heater needs to be remove to check the heating element and the thermostat?

They are mounted on the back side of the heater. My trailer vin is 56YTT2221FL315220 Please advise, Thanks Jim S.

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Lance 2155

by Jerelyn Qga

Why did lance discontinue the model 2155? To me that was/is a very "wanted" model and the stock on new ones is nearly non-existant. Will there be a replacement for this model soon or can you direct me to where I can purchase a new or used one with a warranty?

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