come on, a single round sink; How do you wash and rinse dishes in a single round sink. I would suggest a double sink with corian counter inserts.

1. It would make dish washing easier 2. inserts would increase counter space 3. counter flush sinks make counter cleaning easier I would prefer buying my Lance with no sink and installing my own.

A single round raised rim sink is easy to install, and cheap. So time saving for one moment in the factory.

To the inconvenience to the purchaser forever! so so so so so so so so so so so the the the a the so but a the you but if to you but a one hundred words.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lance Camper Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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why did you buy it then?? it had one sink at the time of purchase


Mama doesn't like double sinks and won't let me waste water.


Simple designs make a very narrow drainer that would work well with a single sink no matter the shape. I never fill a sink with water for washing dishes.

A big waste of water % difficult to get the dishes washed or rinsed. Wash dishes well with soapy sponge of good qaulity, stack in bin now pull one by one to rinse and air dry in rack or one of those new dryer mat's. We often grab dishes mostly dried and fnish up with paper towel to put all away quickly.

Save paper towels for other clean up uses as they are clean just damp. Stay up on dishes to avoid a pile later in the day too.


To save water, I never fill the sink.


You bought the unit knowing it had a round sink, now you want to complain about it?



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