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Lance camper has a manufacturing problem. We bought our camper in good faith, November 2007, new.

It is an 1191. It fits a ford f350 purchased especially for the camper. Lance is suposed to be the best you can buy so that is what prompted us to make this purchase.

We have since had 18 things go wrong. Some minor and some not.

They have fixed most of them at our expense of driving over 400 miles each time. If you intend on buying a Lance camper be sure to buy it in you own town. It seems that some of the dealers will not repair if you didn't buy from them.

Sure glad Ford isn't like that.

Location: Denver, Colorado

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My wife and I bought a Lance camper 1181. No sooner than we got it home and the slide wouldn't open and when it did it opened all the way by itself and closed all the way by itself.

One time it started closing by itself my wife was in it and it almost closed on her. The dealer to it's credit took the thing back and gave us another model, this time an 1191. He we go, all worked good except for some minor water leaks and we hit the road. No sooner than we got a couple of hundred miles from home the slide quit working.

When I started looking around the slide I also noticed that you could almost put your whole hand outside through the lower corners of the slide as when fully extended. Very poor workmanship, beware.... So here we are half way across the USA and everywhere we stop I have to manually open and close the slide. Additionally, when we run the A/C the unit just runs and runs because Lance didn't install appropriate/enough seals around the slide.

We will never buy another Lance and would consider legal action. As for the dealer, Wheelen RV in Joplin, MO they are great people.

As a side note while we were traveling we contacted several Lance dealers and none of them would look at our problems. Ray & Debra camping in Portland, OR.



I have had my Lance camper for over 10 years and have only had one very unfortunate problem. Circuit board for refrigerator went out at start of trip in Baja.

Went 5 weeks without fridge and lost about $400 worth of irreplaceable steaks. You cannot buy a decent steak in Baja anywhere.

Judging from what I hear it is a common problem with the circuit board, the fellow who fixed it said it was a week point and he upgraded with a better circuit board than the original. So why don't you just use the better circuit board in the first place?


Lance does not make the 'fridge or the circuit board. It is a Dometic product.

So saying that the camper is bad due to the 'fridge is like saying that your house is poor quality because the Insink-erator garbage disposal had an issue. Other than the on/off switch on the front, the circuit board is the only electrical part in the fridge. Failure of this circuit board was not that common considering how many units were produced. There are only two things that can go wrong with that 'fridge that will stop it from working in total; the cooling unit; or, the circuit board.

Not a whole lot to choose from. But you are correct that the "Dino" replacement circuit board does have a better reliability track record.

And sorry that you lost your food. If I was your dealer you could have called me and I would have FedEx'd a board to you, walked you through the simple replacement process over the phone and told you about this wonderful new invention called "Ice".


I own a 199* *** Legend fully equipped. As compared to my fellow Rver's units, I have spent very little $$$ on repair issues as compared to their huge gig list they seem to accumulate over a four day holiday. Dry camping is where the Lance really shines.

As for wood corners being the weak link with the jacks. Absolutely untrue. I have seen these units slide off pickup beds at 35mph and the jacks merely bend they are built so stout. Todays units are much stronger aluminum. I don't buy any of that.

Insurance is VERY reasonable, DMV fees do not exist. I look foreword to being a new one next year.


We bought our Lance new in 2000 and have used it extensively; never winterized it, keep it plugged in and on heat strip in winter. Love the camper; it has held up under heavy use; off-road dry camp (hunting) and then my barrel racing; we have replaced the refrigerator circuit board; I had the windows resealed (no leaks, but recommended at 10 years) and now the generator is having issues--probably a blown head gasket. Over-all, a very nice Camper!


Bought a new Lance 8'6" in 2001, have had no leaks and only one minor electrical problem, which the dealer fixed. We use is many times every year from May - October. It is the best RV purchase I have made.


I purchased a new 200* *** fully loaded new in 2008. This is the worst purchase that I have ever made.

Everything that could go wrong and went wrong from structural issues, leaky plumbing due to the fittings not being tightened properly, screws stripped out of the cheap thin wood, dually extension jacks rusting at the welds, bedroom cabinet shelves not screwed in and falling down, exposed sharp screw tips in the window frames. And this weekend, the generator failed to start with only 1 hour on it!!

the list of issues is longer but the more I write the madder I get! By the way, the only Lance dealer any where nears us (100 miles) went out of business!!


I purchased a 1996 Lance for about $4K. Let's face it, this is a home on wheels and it requires that you be diligent in maintaining it.

My Lance came with some issues, but I expected that for a 15 year old camper. Generally, I'm very happy with my camper and I've contacted Lance several times for their assistance and they were extremely helpful.


I've had my Lance 1130 for 10 years along with my F-350 Dually bought specially for the large camper. Bought it at Galaxy Camper in Ontario California.

I've had a few minor problems with wing rot in the left rear 1/4 panel, water pump went out, and the circiut board for refrigerator was replaced (in warranty) Most of our problems arose from lack of use and non maintenance like it says in the book.

The folks at Galaxy are great ! It is a family owned business and they go out of their way to fix things right !


I bought a Lance model 1121 in 2002. It has one slideout.

It was 2 years old when I bought it. I use this camper every weekend for work. I drive 65 miles each way. I am happy to report that the only problems were with the generac generator.

It blew out the head gasket twice. The first time was covered under warrenty. The second time I paid for but was not that expensive. I have not had any problems with the camper.

No leaks; although I do coat all the seams on the roof every year. The remote control jacks work perfectly and have not loosened at the mount. I did change the controller circuit board for the water heater about 2 years ago. I must say that I am still using this camper every weekend and the popout works perfectly.

I have only good things to say about my Lance. I have not seen any of the problems listed on this site.


Some have had bad Lance experiences and some good.

May I suggest that you include a mention of which dealership you have dealt with? It will help pinpoint which the bad ones are, and which the good ones. ;)


I am on my second Lance. Had structural problems with the first Lance where the Jacks would give out because they were mounted only IN WOOD.

I ordered a new Lance and the side has gave out where the slide is. The structural wood that holds the Lance slide up has gave away and the entire side has fallen a couple of inches. Poor design, poor quality and no help what so ever from Lance.

They send me a form letter that stated it was out of warranty. I'm talking 6K here to fix this!!!


I have had two Lance campers now (about 7 or 8 years total) and really like them. Mine were both bought used for under 5000 (one had a rear corner crunched in).

Lance is like any other "home that you drag down the road at 70 mph". Small things rattle loose from time to time or wear out. The water pipes to the kitchen sink loosen up about once a year, but there is a wrench that allows you to tighten them easily.

Being laid off, I live in mine full time and it has never let me down. Thanks Lance for building a great product.


Just bought a 2010 Lance 850 and have had nothing but problems with it DO Not buy one of these. It came from the factory with too many defects list.

I am 73 years old and had sold my home for this piece of junk. I hope this will help others in making a decision DO NOT BUY


We are on our 2nd Lance the first was used and had been "dropped" by previous owner. We didn't realize for sometime.

But never had any problems sold it to buy a new with remote jacks in 2002. Other than "owner" error, we haven't had any problems. Oh the plumbing under the sink leaked, a little plumbers tape took care of that.

We did have some work done at the manufactuer because of a driving error.

They went above and beyond for us. We were and have been very pleased.

We have a 1030 and love to go down dirt roads. We've camped in the snow and in a blizzard once and have been very pleased.


:grin Update: Turn the water pump off when going down bumpy dirt roads. Opened the back door to a waterfall thanks to a comedy of errors.

Faucet jiggled open, sink stoppers jiggled closed. What a mess, burnt out the pump. We have replaced the fridge circuit board as others have mentioned and lost the exterior fridge cover on a bumpy road. Exterior faucet had to be replaced, probably because we didn't winterize.

Fridge handle broke.

Drawer guide for the big drawer under the seat broke, another bumpy road incident. :zzz


Bought a used Lance (1998) in Florida and brought home to NC where we live. Used it for 5 years.

We are both engineers and see many design flaws, which have cost us mucho dinero to fix: wood frame (vs.alum, guys?) which termites, fireants and the like love to eat. All wood in the camper has rotted from the inside out. Also fiberglass cracked, plastics yellowed/cracked..not really designed for outside use...imagine that!

Glad we sold it before it fell apart on the driveway! Jane


I bought 2003 Lance Camper 11 1/2 ft. camper with slide out, and every extra imaginable.

Had one small problem when in warranty and it was fixed by dealer. After it was out of warranty approx 4 years later, I had a separation of fiber glass at the front. My dealer called lance and they made an appointment for me to get it fixed. When I arrived at Lance, a representative came out, and inspected my camper.

They made a note of any ticky tacky thing that was now in absolutely in perfect condition. THEY REPAIRED EVERYTHING AT NO COST.

Did I mention that I was OUT OF WARRANTY? Lance is top notch in my book.


Found out a few problems on my Lance when I went to Alaska, Sask. and a lot of camping in the mountains.

Most of the problems were ME not reading the manual. Imagine that!!! Had them call me back in Alaska and helping me fix the problem I encounterd. Very knowledgable and mostly because I didn't read the manual.

Try it!! I t sure helps.


The camper is fine, the customers are bad and so is the dealership... :sigh

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