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Taking a shower in a 2012 Lance 1575 travel trailer is a nightmare. You adjust the water temperature.

But once you begin bathing, the water temperature changes. You get a shot of cooold water and all of a sudden a shot of HOT water. It is so hot enough that you can remove the feathers of a chicken with it. Your skin ends up scalded if you are lucky enough not to catch a cold.

I have found myself thinking about the mother of the manufacturer every time this happens.

Best solution is to fill a 5 gallon container, immerse a battery operated pump, and shower with water already mixed to the right temperature. Buyers beware of the "Tankless Water Heater" feature on these trailers, you are in for a painful surprise.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2012 Lance Camper 1575 Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: replace or redesign the water heater..

Lance Camper Pros: Design and quality of individual components.

Lance Camper Cons: Product.

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I’m surprised other owners have not complained. We are looking to replace the piece of crap with a regular 6 gal heater.

Shame on you Lance for ruining a otherwise great camper with this junk to save a couple of pounds. How about you at Lance providing a normal rv heater to replace the worthless one.

Ha,Ha! Will let you know if we succeed with the replacement.


Hi we also had the same issue. We have a 2013.

We took it to the dealer & they worked with the mfr to figure it out...all at no cost to us. The problem is due to low water pressure. They gave us an adjustable regulator for city water so we could turn the pressure up a little higher & we think they increased the pressure on the 12v pump when running off tank water.

Try calling Lance & see if they remember the details...we haven't had any problems since. We love our Lance!

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