I purchased a Lance Trailer after much research because I wanted a quality unit even if I paid more than average. Since, I have had it for 5 months it's been in the shop for about 5 weeks total and I have had 6 warranty issues.

I understand these things can happen but the issue to me it seems is the Lance HQ warranty office is absolutely impossible, rude and push back or cut corners to pinch a dime and I am not at all happy. Once the unit is in your hands "let the buyer beware" seems to be in full effect. Especially, if don't live in reasonable driving distance from the dealer. Too bad fairly nice unit but I would not do it again.

This may be a Lance corporate cultural difficiency.

I am in the business aircraft "business"and customer service/satification is job one, seems at Lance it's not in the top ten.

I am not trying to be unfair but accurate. Very disappointed.

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I just purchased a Lance Toy hauler. 2015 model.

Apparently this is new for them. As others have stated, the manual has no real relevance to the trailer. The most important issue is the water system. I called Lance several times and was put on hold and transferd to phone message system several times.

Seems no one actually works in the tech dept. because I never get a call back.

The last time I had a question it took two days to get a response. Not real happy with their complete lack of customer service


Well I'm sure Lance can and would help you for sure


Can you be more specific about the kinds of warranty issues you've had. What was wrong with the trailer and what was Lance's response? Otherwise, I don't find your review very helpful.

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